MedDirect – Employee Screening Solutions

As a Third Party Administrator, or TPA, MedDirect can customize and coordinate every key area of your drug-free workplace program. We offer the most comprehensive, cost-effective service that spans the entire nation, and more, providing collection sites in the most remote to the largest metropolitan areas. The experience and expertise of the MedDirect staff will keep you compliant, whether it be federal mandates, or your own company policy. MedDirect is here to meet your needs!

Background Checks
Background Checks

MedDirect provides a customized background service that can be easily consolidated with an employer’s drug and alcohol testing program or offered as a stand-alone service including MVR’s.

Online Supervisory Training

MedDirect Online Supervisory Training provides interactive training to employees and supervisors as required by the latest federal government regulations.

Drug testing that includes synthetic marijuana.
Synthetic Marijuana

K2 and Bath Salts are creating a disastrous affect in the workplace and among our youth. The need to expand drug testing to include synthetic marijuana is more vital than ever.