MedDirect provides a customized background service that can be easily consolidated with an employer’s drug and alcohol testing program or offered as a stand-alone service. We can tailor a wide range of background screening services to your specific needs.


DOT Employment Verification

For our DOT clients, we ensure your applicants are ready to operate your company vehicle by verifying their transportation history. We examine and verify their general performance for previous work, ask questions related to safe vehicle operation, accident history, history of substance abuse from a detailed background check perspective. All questions contained on the DOT verification request form comply with DOT regulations.


(MVR) Motor Vehicle Records Search

MVR searches will report the operators driving restrictions, expiration date, license type and class, endorsements (if applicable), suspensions or revocations, violations, accidents or DUI’s.  This report maintains compliance with FMCSA and DOT regulations.


National Social Security Number / SSN Verification:

Social security number trace results in a 7-10 year history of past and present addresses connected with that unique identifier.  The SSN verification report also lists the names associated with those addresses, thereby ensuring that the background check has access to a full set of AKA’s (“also known as”) including aliases, maiden names, nicknames and names misspelled or variously transliterated across languages.  The source information gathered makes this process an essential component in criminal history investigations and maximizes the efficiency of other investigative searches.


Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Search:                                 

Instantly searches State, County, and the Department of Corrections databases.  When a conviction is located, a criminal record check is run in the county identified.


Federal District Criminal Record Checks:

Federal District Criminal Record Checks report federal crimes, which have often crossed state borders. This method is typically used for screening upper-level positions to supplement County and Statewide Criminal Record Checks. There are 11 federal districts within the United States.


County Criminal Record Checks:

This search provides in-person/real-time criminal record information obtained from searches of county court, municipal court, and statewide repositories for both misdemeanor and felony criminal cases.  Criminal Record Details include the current status and/or final outcome, depending on state-specific legislation. All results are FCRA-compliant, ensuring details are legally reportable.


State Criminal History:

Statewide Criminal Record Checks pull information from Local Indices and Centralized State Repositories. While every state possesses a state repository, differing state legislation renders some repositories incomplete, and thus unreliable. Additionally, some state repositories are restricted to public access.  We only offer the statewide option if we are confident that our clients will receive a reliable and thorough statewide search.  Statewide Criminal Record Checks are currently available in 44 states and Puerto Rico. Currently unavailable in CA, LA, MS, OH, WV, and WY.


Employment Verification Services:

Employment verification services offered by our online portal provide the most accurate results with the quickest turnarounds securely and privately.


Education Verification:

Education Verification Report will authenticate the applicant’s level of education and confirm schools attended, degrees obtained, attendance dates, and grade point average.  This report can be best used to determine candidate’s qualifications and establishing salary ranges.


Sex Offender Registry Search:

The Sex Offender search helps businesses identify applicants with histories of sexual crimes and other violent offenses, the severity of those offenses and arrest dates.


Further searches are available. Just give us a call at 1-877-866-2161.