Erase the Doubt: Confirm the Screen

The confirmation of a “non-negative” POC screening result is vital to any drug testing program using immediate results products. Two tier testing, screening and the confirming of non-negatives by GC/MS is the proven protocol and industry standard for a sound process. MedDirect recomends lab-based GC/MS confirmation for non-negative POC results.


Why is a POC “positive” called “non-negative”?

A test result becomes litigation-sound only after the initial screen has been confirmed by a distinctly different and separate methodology from the initial screening method. Courts agree that confirmation by GC/MS is the definitive result to conclude a “positive”. Until then, for POCs in particular, the initial screen is simply “non-negative” until resolved through lab-based GC/MS testing.  The GC/MS result stands.

We Make Confirmation Testing Easy

MedDirect makes it easy to set up lab-based GC/MS confirmation services. This is an exclusive service for MedDirect’s POC CUSTOMERS ONLY.

It only takes a few minutes to be set-up in our system for POC confirmations and reporting procedures. We provide the forms, supplies, and airbills. Your forms come “pre-printed” for your convenience. For more form details Click Here.




Optional MRO Services

You may agree it is “best policy” to include a Medical Review Officer (MRO). MedDirect’s MROs are certified and trained to review GC/MS confirmation results and confidentially speak to the donor (if required). The focus of the MRO is to determine if there is any legitimate explanation for the positive result. Click Here to learn more about MRO Services.

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