Simplify Your POC Screening

MedDirect‘s Custody and Control Form for POC drug screening and specimen confirmation helps establish a consistent and reliable procedure used by professional collectors everywhere.

Why use the MedDirect POC/CCF?

From many years of experience and working closely with our laboratory we have developed a CCF that transitions smoothly through the entire POC initial screening, laboratory confirmation, and reporting process.

Your POC/CCFs come to you PRE-PRINTED with the pertinent information needed. Save time and help prevent costly errors with every collection conducted. This is an easy to use 4 Step process (similar to DOT) with a 5 part distribution format including the following sections:

  • Employer
  • Collector
  • MRO
  • Donor Information
  • Donor Certification
  • Reason for Test
  • Device Lot Number
  • Device Expiration Date
  • Temperature Range
  • Single or Split Specimen
  • Direct Observtion Remarks
  • Screen Results
  • Invalid or Adulterated
  • Non-Negative Results Section
  • 13 Catagories for Lab. Confirmation
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