DNA testing is the most accurate and reliable test available for determining parentage. The test will conclusively answer the difficult question of paternity; resolve disputes; help streamline court proceedings; and facilitate settlements.

Every person’s DNA is inherited from their biological parents – half from the mother and half from the father.  The DNA test compares the child’s DNA biomarker with that of the “alleged” father to determine if there is a match.  DNA test results are released with an accuracy probability of 99.9%.

DNA test results are admissible in a court of law for child custody and child support cases, birth certificates, adoption, immigration, will/estate settlements, and other legal determinations.

MedDirect’s trained professional staff can collect test samples from persons of any age using a painless process of swabbing the inside of the subject’s mouth, completing the necessary custody and control form, and sending it to the DNA testing laboratory for analysis.

MedDirect adheres to strict confidentiality protocol during and after the collection procedure.


DNA collections are by appointment only.  To schedule, call MedDirect at 479-649-8601.