Rapid Detection of “Synthetic Cannabinoids”

Screeing for Synthetic Cannabinoids (Marijuana), commonly known as K2 and Spice, is now available inĀ an instant results “dip-style” format.

Features ans Benefits

  • Provides qualitative detection of JWH-018 AND JWH-073 metablites in urine at 30 ng/mL cutoff level.
  • Targets abuse of many “herbal” smoking blends including: K2,K3, Spice, Genie, Black Mombo, Pot-pouri, BUzz and many more.
  • On site results in five minutes.
  • Average window of detection is 72 hours following a single low dose. In the case of chronic use the window is much longer.
  • Non-negative resultsĀ can be futher validated through MedDirect’s laboratory testing for enhanced accuracy.
  • Complete collection and confirmation kits availbale.

How It Works

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