Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs): The Department of Transportation (DOT) wants to ensure that all individuals or service agents who will be conducting breath alcohol testing of regulated transportation workers perform these services in a uniform and consistent manner. Consistency and uniformity are critical during legal proceedings, as well as providing a level of confidence in the testing process. DOT requires initial training, refresher training, and error correction training for BATs and Screening Test Technicians (STTs).

Course Outline

  • Introduction and Overview
  • EBT Methodology
  • Preparing for Testing
  • Conducting a Screening Test
  • Conducting a Confirmation Test
  • Obstacles to Completing a Test
  • Disclosure of Information and Keeping Records

All hands-on forms for training are provided along with DOT rules and EBT model specifications. Passing the final exam is required for certification as a Breath Alcohol Technician.

Scheduling of classes will vary. Please contact us about class availability. 1-877-866-2161

**Specimen Collector Certification and Re-Certification is also available. Click Here for more information