Screening Test Techician (STT) Training   


Course Overview

The DOT seeks to ensure that every alcohol Screening Test Technician (STT) who will be conducting DOT alcohol screening tests on transportation workers can do them correctly. In order to do so, the STT must be proficient in the use of DOT-approved Alcohol Screening Devices (ASDs) and proficient in the procedures of 49 CFR Part 40. This course is for the limited purpose of training individuals to conduct proper DOT procedures and applies to Qualification and Refresher Training.

The DOT requires that all STTs be “trained to proficiency” in the DOT test procedures, and has developed a model course for instruction. This course provides training in the principles of ASD method of operation for non-evidential alcohol testing. Our staff-trainers will cover the fundamentals of saliva analysis, proper procedures for obtaining a saliva sample, interpreting, and recording ASD results.  


Course subjects:

Introduction and Overview     

Alcohol Screening Device Methodology

Preparing for Testing

Conducting a Screening Test

Obstacles to Completeing a Test

Disclosure of Information and Keeping Records

Alcohol Screening Device Proficiency


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