Seminars and e-Training

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MedDirect hosts and/or conducts education and training seminars to help our customers (and non-customers) to better comply withfederally regulated drug testing programs. We cover current issues that are pertinentĀ  to Safety and Human Resources concerns from regulatory guidance, specific certification training, to DER training.





MedDirect conducts Specimen Collection Training which complies with the new federal guidelines for collector certification. Our DOT Collector Training includes the five mandatory mock-collections, therefore, qualifying the students for collections immediately following training. Train-the-Trainer for collections is also available through our office and provides the students with the ability to train other collectors within their company.




We offer online training for the DOT mandatory Supervisory Detection Training: DecisionPoint is a fully interactive, self-administered online training that specifically instructs supervisors to identify, document, and address employee performance issues that could be an indication of drug or alcohol related problems. It presents the supervisor with key management skills that can help employees modify their behavior in order for them to be more productive employees.

If you are interested in attending any of our seminars or training sessions,
please call 877-866-2161
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Regulations Consultation

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MedDirect was originally created to help companies comply with, but not limited to, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation Parts 40 and 382.

Much of our federal regulations telephone consultation is a “value-added” feature of our services at no charge to our customers.

As of August 1, 2001 the Department of Transportation re-write of 49 CFR 40, Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs was fully implemented. Many companies are unclear about certain interpretations and new procedures within the regulations. This is where we come to the aid of our customers. Not only motor carriers, but specimen collections, Medical Review Officers, Third Party Administrators, Alcohol Testers and even the drug testing laboratory face a new era of compliance.

MedDirect can ease your uncertainty and help guide you through the process.