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Breath Alcohol Testing

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Certified Alcohol Breath Testing

MedDirect’s breath alcohol testing is conducted by trained staff who are DOT compliant certified Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs) and Evidentiary Breath Testing (EBT) equipment certified through LifeLoc, Inc. LifeLoc is one of the highest regarded equipment manufacters available.

For certified workplace breath alcohol testing and confirmation from knowedgable personnel there is no better choice than MedDirect. We have more than 15 years of experience in the alcohol testing segment of the substance abuse industry including federal compliance procedures, technician and related training, and equipment sales.

Not only do we provide local and regional services in western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma, we maintain a national referral network for certified drug and alcohol testing professionals.  Many of these can assist with onsite mobile and after hours services.


BAT Training

MedDirect conducts Breath Alcohol Technician training several times a year. If you would like someone from your company to be certified or attend a “refresher” course contact us about our next BAT Training Class.

We are happy to answer any of your questions: 1-877-866-2161

Other available training:                                                                                                                                                              

Specimen Collector Certification and Re-Certification 

Saliva Technician Training (STT)

DecisionPoint Supervisory Detection Training – Online


Reporting and Information Management

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Information Management

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Easy to Use & Easy to Integrate

MedDirect’s state of the art information systems assures that all streams of data flow smoothly and accurately. Our system provides accurate reporting specifically formatted for each customer. Every drug test reports include all essentials in an easy-to-read format which includes:

  • Dates & times
  • Who collected the specimen
  • The laboratory which tested the specimen
  • The name of the Medical Review Officer (if applicable)
  • What drugs were tested
  • The final results
  • Any “need-to-know” memo specific to the test results


Real Time Reports

Statistical information about your drug testing program is automatically tabulated and updated with each transaction of data. In other words, your reports are always real time so you can get your information fast. Your DOT compliance reports are always MRO verified and AuditReady™.

The good news is that tests and statistical reports from this website which are available 24/7.


Security & Access

Your drug testing information is in a secured location. Drug testing data is accessible only with specific proprietary login codes. Through customized programming with each of our associated certified laboratories and certified partners we are directly linked to assure immediate and concise information. Your information is alertly monitored and safe.


Let us set up a program for you today!  1-877-866-2161